Alessandro Baldo

Traveller addict, nature explorer, activist, cat.

Hey, welcome to my website. Here you can discover some things about myself. I designed this place myself and I added some of my professional work but also some of the things I like to create during my "free time". I hope you will enjoy this space, feel free to contact me through any channel!

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I current work at Tecnoteca   as senior IT Analyst. My role includes the management of projects for specific customers from the first steps until completion. This includes the management of a team of people assigned to the project, designing data models and workflows, writing documents for the different stakeholders (requirements, manuals, etc.). My goal is to transform the customers' needs in something feasable.

The philosophy of Tecnoteca is centered on the open source, the products can be freely downloaded and installed by everyone, as part of my job I am also the project leader of one of the products called CMDBuild READY2USE  for which I plan and manage the yearly releases and maintenance.         

Project Manager

Specialized in asset management and service desk solutions.

As part of my current role I coordinate the CMDBuild READY2USE project developed by Tecnoteca. Our team work throughout the year to improve and expand the functionalities offered by the product.

Our philosophy is to keep the product open-source, but the CMDBuild framework is higly flexible and many customers ask us for customizations.


Team Leader

I transform the customers' needs in something feasible.

As part of my current role I coordinate a team of people to which I assign activities for specific projects dedicated to Tecnoteca's customers.

My tasks also include trainings, analysis of requirements and meetings with the customers, design and development of workflows and connectors, customization of data models, and of course the control over the everyday routine: support, installations and maintenance.


I have experience with server-side languages like Java and PHP. On the client side I developed few mobile app using cross-platform frameworks and Javascript / Typescript / Angular technologies.

I have deep knowledge of databases and SQL language, in particular in PostgreSQL and MySQL environments.

Donne allo Specchio

To enjoy the exhibition at Palazzo Coronini

Gorizia conTatto

For visually impaired people


Cividale del Friuli: a natural shopping center

More stuff

During my academic career I participated in a number of projects and I collaborated with SASWEB research lab. We participated in the Goodtechs conference in Valencia in 2019 and we might write more material together in the near future.

In my free time I like to volunteer with different associations and I love to travel and to explore the world and the nature.


GoodTechs '19'

Modelling and implementing an app for an exhibition in a museum



Want to know more about the crazy stuff I produce on my free time? Go to my Playground!