It is always difficult to describe ourselves, I'll try to summarize some main aspects of my life in this brief page.

When I started my adolescence at the beginning of the new millenium, we did not have a computer at home, the only computer available was in my dad's office and there we had a poor 56k connection. Now I can download a movie in few minutes and my smartphone is way more powerful than the computer I used in that age.

I learnt to use a computer in high school and I it was easy since the beginning, I chose a path that would bring me direcly in the IT world with my Bachelor's Degree in Web and Multimedia Technologies and the Master in Computer Science with a specialization in development.

During my academic career I always enjoyed to explore the world: I spent one year in Madrid (Spain) with the Erasmus program and one semester in Ottawa (Canada) during my Master.

My first job experience in the IT world was at the Europen Medicines Agency in 2011 which was located in London (UK) at that time - before the brexit. I enjoyed a lot the period in London and the work environment, I was surrounded by other trainees from all around Europe and we did a lot of activities together.

After that experience I went back to my home town where I started my Master and I also started my work as Analyst / Developer at Tecnoteca where I still work now. In 2014 I spent one semester in Canada with an exchange program between my university and uOttawa. I loved to spend the winter there, I met amazing people from all over the world, I explored the wilderness of Canada and I also spent some time traveling all around North-America.

Now I'm working at Tecnoteca, I'm the Project Manager for the product CMDBuild READY2USE and as senior analyst I also follow a number of projecs for specific customers  and I coordinate a team of junior analysts.

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I lived in 4 different countries and I try to visit at least 2 new countries per year!


Nature is extraordinary, I love to perceive it with all my senses in wilderness.


I spend many hours volunteering and I organized many events, including big ones like FVG Pride.


Indipendent, smart, kinda heremit but can be very cuddly with the right people.